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Hey guys! Caid here! I am the piercer for Body Branding Tattoo Emporium! I am originally from Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. Brought up from a military background through my father and raised right here in South West Florida's proudest gem Naples, FL.

All my life I was brought up to believe and follow anything that has caught my interest. By 18 I chose to walk along my fathers footsteps and embark my journey towards the military. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in Aug of 2011 and discharged honorably in April of 2015.

Once I came back to civilian life, I struggled to adjust and find myself for who I am today. At that time, I already had tattoos and started to practice body modifications on myself, learning and honing my skills, and trying to gather as much knowledge as I could from my very own research.

One day a local friend of mine brought to my attention that Jimbo of Body Branding Tattoo Emporium was at the time looking for a Body Piercer. I was beyond excited to hear the news because I have heard nothing but great things about the shop and the progress it has made over its 25 year reign being the first shop to have ever opened in Naples. So I took my friends advice, Worked up the courage and walked in, just to be greeted by Jimbo the owner himself. We shared each others stories and right off the bat, I was offered my apprenticeship to learn how to pierce professionally. After constantly soaking as much knowledge as I could and showing my dedication and loyalty towards the shop, I quickly and swiftly climbed up and reached the title of Body Piercer after 6 long months. I knew I had to learn real quickly in order to prove myself. I’ve realized that there was a lot to take in when it came to the field. Learning how the body reacts towards foreign objects being placed underneath layers of skin, cross contamination, and different techniques to provide a quicker, painless and successful procedure. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be and how everybody around me made it out to be. There are no shortcuts to be taken, its something that should always be done the right way. I love the field of body art and modification because there is always something new to come about, and I’m always constantly learning to better myself and to provide more different procedures that all of you can have on your own. Everyday before I go into work, my motive is to meet you guys individually and see how I can make you feel more comfortable underneath your own skin. With just one piercing at a time. That’s what truly makes the best of my days. Thanks again for the read guys! And I hope to see you all very soon!