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I'm Mr. Lorenzo Martinez. Born in boulder Colorado and raised in Texas, the DRW (Dallas Fort Worth area).

Since I can remember, I have always been into art, drawing mostly in my younger years. I was the kid in school that would flip over a test paper and draw on it or simply draw on my desk or anywhere I had a nice clean surface.

Art runs in my family, we have it in our blood to be artists. However, I am the only one that took my talent to a professional level. I went to college and got a degree in computer graphics and design which elevated my art to a level that definitely helped increase my talent. I have always had an eye for art. Just looking at my everyday surroundings I have always appreciated the beauty in nature and God’s supreme creations.

In order for me to be my best at what I do I surround myself with nature. While all my school buddies were playing kickball or catching the man with the football I was across the street in a tall grassy field with a jar collecting bugs, out fishing or just drawing away just to teach myself the details on separate insects, fish, birds and even the human body. It was so much that people started calling me the explorer, LOL.

I have respect for all life big and small. That being said, I respect my art in the same way. I always try to put my best effort with neatness and precision. I picked up my first tattoo machine at the age of 11, mind you it was a homemade machine made from by older brother who inspired me to take on this beautiful craft. He used to just leave it lying around and being the curious “explorer” I wanted to see how this thing worked. I was so intrigued with tattoos and I knew at a very young age that this was going to be one of my ways to contribute my art to this lifetime.

I am now 45 and have been tattooing for 25 years and am still intrigued with this type of art. I am still picking up techniques and learning to be versatile with styles of art such as Black and Grey, traditional color and Japanese art, learning types of machines that work best. I love it like I love life.

So just know that when you get a tattoo from yours truly that you can trust that you are in good experienced hands that will put the most into making your experience be the best experience you will have receiving a beautiful colored or black and gray tattoo that will last a lifetime. So come by and see me for a tattoo of a lifetime. I guarantee my work!