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Born in Italy in 1970 right after the 68th peace and love years, that did affect my way to be....Gypsy peace and love kinda soul!!

Daughter of two artists, my father singer and actor, my mom singer, dancer and painter; use to watch her painting everywhere she could. My love for permanent paint on skin did start since a was a little girl, my first secret appointment for a tattoo was made when I was 12 years old, but the artist never showed up to the appointment so my first tattoo was done when I turned 18 in a certified studio ( I still have that tattoo on me)

Always been “I can do it” person. I built my first tattoo needle with a tight sawing thread around it when I was 22 years old, tried on me and my But finally I started using the right equipment, use to build my own needles the way I wanted (so perfect) now everything is so much easier.

Owned two tattoo shops in Italy, but again my Gypsy soul made me travel around many different countries and cities,like a dragonfly or a butterfly don’t try to stop them, don’t touch a butterfly’s wings or she will loose that magic powder and won’t fly anymore....will die!!!

Landed in USA in 1999 and started tattooing in North Carolina, then New York and Florida Now back in Naples Florida....for good???......

So this is a little of me Addicted to tattoos and peace and love Gypsy soul, world’s citizen girl.....or should I say Lady?