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Growing up I spent a lot of time watching my mom paint and watching Bob Ross episodes. This heavily influenced my love for art, to the point where I spent more time drawing in class then paying attention to the lessons.

I went straight to work after graduating high school, only to feel unfulfilled with each job I had. After some time people started encouraging me to pursue a career in tattooing.

I originally came to Body Branding for an apprenticeship in 2014. After 6 months I was unfortunately unable to continue, but felt lucky enough to have been accepted once. Five years later a chance encounter with a good friend of mine led me back to the doors of Body Branding. This time I'm even more determined to finish my apprenticeship.

I'm still on this journey of learning about the tattoo world and I'm incredibly glad that life worked out to way it has. I have the opportunity of a lifetime working with such a talented team who help me in every way possible. From breaking down machines, to putting them back together, to techniques for packing in color + shading, and learning all the different needles and their uses.

This second chance has given me more knowledge than I know what to do with. And there's still so much more to learn. Just now getting more hands on with tattooing I'm still trying to determine my style. Although I appreciate every type of style there is I enjoy doing a lot of portraits and realism. I'm so looking forward to what my future at Body Branding holds and to my future customers I'll be waiting for the chance to tattoo you!